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My name is Todd Collier and I am a three time cancer survivor.

For the past seven years I have learned to adapt my lifestyle to the demands of this disease.  During that time the standards of care and available treatments have steadily improved.  Among the more successful regimens in use is Stem Cell Therapy.  With the possibilities of helping find a long term solution to a lengthening list of ailments, more patients are undergoing this course of treatment than ever before.  The downside is that this treatment includes a serious, and often lengthy, disruption of the patient's normal life.  As the body recovers from treatment, the patient must place their life on hold until they are physically recovered enough to return to their former homes and lives.  

The Charlottesville Recovery Center is my dream to help alleviate this problem for some.  Please continue to the prospectus page and discover more.

The Charlottesville Recovery Center is a 501c3 incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

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issued May 1, 2019.


Currently one of the most effective treatments for cancer, lupus and several other illnesses is a “stem cell transplant.” The results from this treatment have been consistently improving over the past few years. Sadly, one of the things that hasn’t improved is the experience the patients and families have to endure while recovering from the transplant. Throughout this process, the patient will have a severely limited ability to resist infection.

The first part of the treatment takes place in the hospital and in a controlled environment to limit the possibility of infection. Once the physicians are sure the transplant has taken the patient is released from the hospital but remains under careful observation until the transplant has fully replaced the formerly impacted cells. This phase of the treatment can last anywhere from nine weeks to a full year. During this time the patient is still at high risk of infection. As such, there is a requirement that the patient reside within ten to fifteen minutes of the medical center while in recovery. That ten to fifteen minutes can mean the difference between life and death for a severely immunocompromised stem cell transplant recipient. For a patient who lives within that envelope, this isn’t an issue, but with a regional medical center such as the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville there is a large body of patients who need some kind of accommodation for their time of healing.

Currently in Charlottesville there are two excellent places for patients and families to stay. Sadly though, these combined provide fewer than fifty beds. Only a quarter of these beds are accessible for mobility impaired patients and none of them are suitable for patients whose immune system has been compromised.

We want to change that.

The Charlottesville Recovery Center will be a 100 apartment facility catering to the needs of these special patients and their families. Each apartment will have an independent air-handling system to keep a sniffle in apartment “a” from becoming pneumonia in apartment “d.” All units will be on one level so that all areas are accessible for all residents. We will also provide more than a bed as each apartment will have a living area, a kitchen and a bath.

The Center will not just be a place to stay, it will be a place to recover. We will provide counseling services, art and craft classes, community meals, outings, exercise facilities and an IT facility for those who are able to telecommute. We will also provide shuttles for appointments and outings. Even more, our dream is to follow the St. Jude model and ensure that no resident or family is ever billed for their stay. This will become a community that helps all residents heal in all the areas impacted by their physical issues.

This begins with your generosity. We need to raise the funds to procure a design firm, real estate, construction, and staffing. As we come to the end of the year, please consider making a gift to the center so we can make this dream a reality.

The Charlottesville Recovery Center, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable, non-stock corporation duly incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Federal IRS Code. Any donation you make will be tax deductible.



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